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Free CICS Storage Display Utility

One of my favorite little tools for supporting CICS is one that doesn’t cost a dime. For years, Russ Evans has made his storage display utility available on his web site, Mainframe Solutions. It can be used to display storage by address, or to display a system area (for example, CSA can be displayed), or to display storage associated with a program id. Many times I have helped an applications programmer trouble-shoot an issue by displaying the storage associated with their COBOL program, and being able to show him/her when it was compiled.

The name of this utility is REECORE. Super simple to install, and even easier to use. If you have a need to update storage in a live CICS region, an upgrade to enable that feature in REECORE is available for just fifty bucks. This is a nice little tool to keep in your hip pocket; if you’ve been working with CICS long enough, you’ve already seen times it would have been handy … If not, rest assured that you will.