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Problem Enabling REXX for CICS in CICS/TS 3.2

When enabling REXX for CICS in a CICS/TS 3.2 environment, I got an REX1 abend when trying to format the RFS pools. I couldn’t find that abend code documented in CMAC, and didn’t have any luck finding anything relevant in SIS, so I ran it through CEDF. CEDF reported that the real abend was an ASRA at offset x’03CA8E’ in CICREXD. Again, I had no luck finding this abend documented, so I opened an ETR with IBM CICS support. After I provided them with a system dump, they were able to tell me that the abend was actually ocurring in module DBUGDZST, which is an Xpediter module. Turning off storage monitoring for the REXX transaction allowed the process to run successfully.