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CICS/TS 4.2 – For Free!

Did you know that you can bring in CICS/TS 4.2 for free? On January 27, 2012, IBM made available a Developer Trial for CICS/TS 4.2. It is totally free, and though it will expire, it can be reordered as many times as desired. A perfect way to bring the latest release of CICS in to get some hands-on experience with the new features so that you will be better prepared to justify ordering it for your production environments! Here are links to the announcement letter:

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Implementing CICSPlex – Overview

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, but now I have some time and an interesting topic, one that will span several postings. I have had it on my to-do list for some time to implement CICSPlex; it is obvious that IBM views this as a central component to managing CICS regions. It is now part of the CICS/TS installation (no need to download or install any additional components to implement); a lot of great documentation is available (a whole series of manuals dedicated to it); and CICS Explorer, touted as the “new face of CICS”, requires it as a prerequisite (or at least CICSPlex is a prerequsite for CICS Explorer in V3 of CICS/TS, but not in V4). Chris Hodgins over at The Master Terminal posted 6 reasons you should implement CICSPlex. However, I just could not find the time to put all the pieces together to get it set up in our shop. Recently I was able to dedicate a few days to it, and with the assistance of a colleague who had already been through it, I was able to get the ball rolling. In this series of postings, I hope to make clear some of the concepts and steps that had me stopped until I had the time and assistance to set it up.

Below is an overview of what is to come in future postings:

  1. Plan the environment
  2. Define the CMAS
  3. Convert an existing CICS into a WUI
  4. Set up other CICS’s as LMAS’s

So that’s four more postings that should be coming in the near future. If you have not implemented CICSPlex yet, perhaps this will help you get the ball rolling, as my colleague helped me. If your shop is like ours, you are up to your eyeballs just keeping things going and don’t have a lot of time for basic research; a little assistance can go a long ways.

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New VSAM Capability in z/OS 1.12

Have you read the IBM Announcement Letter for z/OS 1.12? There is a lot of good stuff there, but the one thing that really has my interest is the new Control Area Reclaim capability for VSAM files. Like most (if not all) shops, the shop where I work has to make online VSAM KSDS files unavailable for some amount of time to reorganize them due to CA and CI splits that naturally occur when VSAM records are added. In z/OS 1.12, IBM is promising improved performance, minimized space utilization, and improved application availability with the CA Reclaim capability that will be included in the release.

Will we soon be saying goodbye to planned outages of VSAM files, to using MacKinney Systems’ CEMT from Batch (or newer MacKinney Batch to CICS product) to close files so they can be reorganized and open them again in CICS when done, and to having to monitor file I/O times to keep response time as optimal as possible? With a new world of CICS capabilities to catch up on (web services, Atom feeds, CICSPlex, CICS Explorer, and much more!), we CICS sysprogs need more time to keep up!

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