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Implementing CICSPlex – Overview

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted, but now I have some time and an interesting topic, one that will span several postings. I have had it on my to-do list for some time to implement CICSPlex; it is obvious that IBM views this as a central component to managing CICS regions. It is now part of the CICS/TS installation (no need to download or install any additional components to implement); a lot of great documentation is available (a whole series of manuals dedicated to it); and CICS Explorer, touted as the “new face of CICS”, requires it as a prerequisite (or at least CICSPlex is a prerequsite for CICS Explorer in V3 of CICS/TS, but not in V4). Chris Hodgins over at The Master Terminal posted 6 reasons you should implement CICSPlex. However, I just could not find the time to put all the pieces together to get it set up in our shop. Recently I was able to dedicate a few days to it, and with the assistance of a colleague who had already been through it, I was able to get the ball rolling. In this series of postings, I hope to make clear some of the concepts and steps that had me stopped until I had the time and assistance to set it up.

Below is an overview of what is to come in future postings:

  1. Plan the environment
  2. Define the CMAS
  3. Convert an existing CICS into a WUI
  4. Set up other CICS’s as LMAS’s

So that’s four more postings that should be coming in the near future. If you have not implemented CICSPlex yet, perhaps this will help you get the ball rolling, as my colleague helped me. If your shop is like ours, you are up to your eyeballs just keeping things going and don’t have a lot of time for basic research; a little assistance can go a long ways.

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CICS Fix Lists

IBM has posted fix lists for each supported version of CICS/TS, plus CICS Explorer:

A comma separated values (CSV) file is also available for each for importing into a spreadsheet or database.

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CICS Explorer Messages

Have you implemented CICS Explorer yet? If so, have you had a need to look up a message issued by CICS Explorer? They are prefixed CNX, and you won’t find them in the CICS/TS Information Center.

While in the CICS Explorer, click “Help” on the menu bar and select “Help Contents”. To search for any of the CNX messages, enter the message in the search box at the top of the “Contents” and click “Go”. You can also display all CNX messages by performing the following:

  1. Expand “CICS Explorer User Guide” (click on the plus sign to its left)
  2. Expand “Reference information”
  3. Expand “Messages”
CICS Explorer Messages

Enter the message in the search box and click Go, or expand the appropriate menu tree items to display all messages.

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