IBM Impact 2013 Days Three and Four

Days three and four at IBM Impact 2013 were filled with more details on the overviews presented on day one. Probably the biggest highlights of the week were the individual sessions I had with IBM CICS experts on days three and four. The last time I was at Impact, these opportunities were not available. I highly recommend signing up for at least one of these events if you attend Impact, more if you can – regardless of which technical track is emphasized in your agenda. I was able to discuss the differences between the release our shop is currently running and Version 5.1 with an IBM’er who was very knowledgeable on the subject, and I had the unique opportunity to discuss the upcoming Dynamic Scripting feature pack with the developer that created it. There is more to gain from the “normal” sessions at Impact than can be acquired just from reading manuals, and the individual sessions are even beyond that.

Every IBM CICS person I talked with at Impact were genuinely excited about CICS TS 5.1. I can’t say enough about their passion, and their interest in answering any question any attendee had. Their enthusiasm made the week that was Impact 2013 an enjoyable learning experience.

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4 responses to “IBM Impact 2013 Days Three and Four

  1. Steve, I have a secenrio and I need your suggestions. There is CICS PGM1, which is Calling non-CICS PGM2. Can this non-CICS PGM2 call CICS PGM3 ? This CICS PGM has to write some Data in TSQ for later processing. non-CICS PGM2 is generic module between online and Batch. Is this possible?

    • Off the top of my head, I don’t know why PGM2 could not call PGM3 – as long as it was aware of its environment and did not attempt to do so when it was invoked in batch.

  2. Haim (first) Zeevi (surname)

    Well Steve, I just Googled for JSON support in CICS and found a “treausre website”!
    Also love the heading ” for those lucky enough to work in a mainframe environment”. Makes you proud and not feel like a dinosour…
    Haim Zeevi, Israel

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