Dynamic Scripting on Hold for Now

Just as a lot of folks were getting excited about using PHP in CICS, IBM pulled the plug on WebSphere sMash and Project Zero. Since Dynamic Scripting was built on these, and these are not being updated to support Java 7, and since CICS/TS V5 requires Java 7, there is no support for Dynamic Scripting in CICS/TS V5 at this time.

If you still have CICS/TS 4.1 or 4.2 regions, the Dynamic Scripting feature pack works great and can be used for pilot projects. However, it probably would not be a good idea to go production with them until the dust settles. IBM encourages PHP development in V4, but does not recommend using Groovy because of upward compatibility concerns.

IBM is currently investigating technologies for continuing providing PHP support in CICS. If you are interested in this support, you are encouraged to contact the IBM CICS team to discuss it through your IBM account representative.

For more info, see PHP and Dynamic Scripting in CICS TS on IBM’s web site.

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