Dynamic Scripting and CICS/TS 4.2

Are you using the new Dynamic Scripting Feature Pack? If so, you must be running CICS/TS 4.1 … There was only a limited SupportPac for CICS/TS V3, and IBM just announced that the Dynamic Scripting Featue Pack is not supported on CICS/TS 4.2.

CICS/TS 4.2 supports only 64-bit JVM’s, and the feature pack has environment variables set for using 31-bit JVM’s. We will be watching for an update from IBM soon, as supporting dynamic scripting was listed on the CICS/TS 4.2 Announcment Letter‘s Statement of Direction.

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2 responses to “Dynamic Scripting and CICS/TS 4.2

  1. Hi Steve
    I am delighted to announce that a version of the CICS Dynamic Scripting feature pack is now available for CICS TS 4.2. Further details on CICS Transaction Server Feature Pack for Dynamic Scripting V1.1 and a link to download the new feature pack can be found at http://www-01.ibm.com/software/htp/cics/scripting/.

    Andy Wharmby
    CICS Development

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