Implementing CICSPlex Part 4 – Connecting “Regular” CICS Regions to the CICSPlex

If you have performed the first 3 parts of this series of blog posts, then you are ready to connect your “regular” CICS regions to the CICSPlex. And that is probably the simplest part of the process!

The “regular” CICS’s are known as LMAS’s, or locally managed address spaces; in the CICS documentation, you may see them referred to as just managed address spaces.

As in the CMAS and the WUI regions, add the SEYUAUTH library to the STEPLIB concatenation, and the SEYULOAD library to the DFHRPL concatenation, and add an EYULOG DD.

In the SIT table, add the CPSMCONN=LMAS parameter, and make sure MN=ON is set.

That’s it! When you start up LMAS’s, you should see messages in the log where they connect to the CICSPlex. If you point a browser at http://hostname:portnumber, you should be able to sign on with your security id/password, and see information for the LMAS’s, such as current tasks active, files, programs, and other resource information – it is amost like CEMT on steroids!

This concludes the series of postings on establishing a CICSPlex, but we surely have not seen the end of this topic! I’m sure in the future I’ll post write-ups about CICS Explorer and other topics related to CICSPlex.

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