Social Networking and the Systems Programmer

I saw recently that Facebook is now the most popular web site in the US, getting more hits than Google. Social networking is exploding! Professionals (and those planning to become professionals) need to watch what they post on these social networking sites, but they can be useful and fun when used properly.

How are you using social networking sites? If you are not using any, you are missing out on some potential fun in keeping up with friends and colleagues, and you are also missing out on a lot of information being put out by leaders in our field. In my next series of blog postings, I plan to lay out how I use some of them and what tools I use. Some I use strictly for personal use, but many I use professionally. If you use any additional social networking sites, or know  of additional tools to make the most use of them or get the most enjoyment out of them, please leave a comment and share.

The social networking sites I will cover include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • WordPress
  • YouTube

OK, it may be a stretch to consider WordPress and YouTube as social networking sites, but there is the opportunity to interact and there is CICS information to be learned from others posting on them, so I am including them.

So, next time around we’ll take a look at Facebook.

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