SHARE CICS Sessions in Seattle

On the CICS-L listserv today, Steve Ware posted the “prime time” sessions that will be presented at SHARE March 14-18 in Seattle:

CICS Project Opening and Product Update
CICS Transaction Server 4.1 - A Technical Overview
CICS Event Processing in Practice
CICS Performance Tuning Primer - SIT Parameters
IBM CICS Explorer Progress Report - User Experience and What's New
Web Services in CICS - Beyond the Basics
CICS Performance Management Best Practices
CICS Extreme Debugging - Hangs and Loops
CICS-MQ Update
CICSPlex SM: What is it and Why do I Care?
Planning your CICS TS V4.1 Upgrade
Solving Problems using CICS Trace
CICS Hands-on Lab: Exploring CICS TS V4.1
CICS Transaction Server V4.1 Performance Health Check
TCP/IP Directions for CICS Interconnectivity
CICS and Web 2.0 - End to End Development
CICS and WAS on z/OS -- New Integration Capabilities
Tuning CICSPlex SM for maximum responsiveness
Tuning: Handling Limit Conditions in CICS
Developing and Debugging Java Applications in CICS
CICS Nuts & Bolts and Gotchas, Question Box and Pot Luck - Oh My!

Steve is the project manager of the SHARE CICS Project. He has posted a PDF of the Seattle CICS schedule that you can use to help schedule your week if you plan to attend. Be there if you can! SHARE gives the experienced systems programmer the best bang for their education buck.

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2 responses to “SHARE CICS Sessions in Seattle

  1. Are you planning to attend SHARE? I’d love to meet up, and hear your thoughts on the magazine.

    Natalie Boike
    IBM Systems Magazine, Mainframe edition

    • Hi, Natalie.

      Thanks for asking. Unfortunately, I am unable to attend SHARE this spring (first time in several years). Hopefully I’ll be able to attend again soon. SHARE is the best value in education for experienced sysprogs, and IBM certainly is a big part of that.


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