Make CICS/TS V3 Function Like 4.1 (For Free!)

Still running CICS/TS 3.1 or 3.2, and cannot upgrade yet to the recently released 4.1 version due to budget constraints or other restrictions? You can still get some of the benefits available in 4.1 by installing these free SupportPacs for CICS available on the IBM web site!

CB11 CICS Events for WebSphere Business Events
CA8K Atom feeds
CA1S REST support using PHP
CS1J CICS Explorer (Windows)
CS1O CICS Explorer (Linux)
CS1N CICS Explorer plugins for CICS IA, CICS PA, and CICS CM

If you downloaded either of the CICS Explorer SupportPacs before April 28, you may wish to download the current version, as it has been updated to include fixes and performance enhancements.

Granted, you are not going to get all of the enhancements available in the new 4.1 version, but if upgrading just is not an option at this time, you can get some of the major functionality additions at no cost!

4 responses to “Make CICS/TS V3 Function Like 4.1 (For Free!)

  1. Steve, All customers with a CICS TS V3 or V4 licence can download a fully supported, GA version of the CICS Explorer here A supported, GA version of the CICS PA plug-in is also available there.


  2. I understand that IBM is now planning to raise the price of CTS 3.2 so that it matches the most recent version whether you install it or not. Can this really be true?

  3. I just found my own answer. Please see IBM Announcement Letter: ZA11-1002

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