Sending Email from CICS

If you are not sending email from CICS in your shop, you really need to add that capability. If you do not currently have a need for it, “build it and they will come” … The reasons for sending email from within CICS will start popping up like nobody’s business once it is in place.

Assuming you have SMTP set up on z/OS, sending email from CICS is a snap. If you do not have SMTP set up, I would recommend reviewing the info available on Lionel B Dyck’s site and Dave Alcock’s Planet MVS site. Once SMTP is set up, all you have to do is write records to the punch queue in the correct format, and SMTP will take care of the rest.

To get kick-started, I recommend reviewing three different products. They are all easy to use, and they are all FREE!

First, if you are not already running Lional B Dyck’s XMITIP, then go to his site now and download it. It is a facility to send email from batch, so you can integrate that into your batch processes and you can consider generating JCL from CICS that uses it to send email.

Next, take a look at IBM SupportPac CA1H. It shows how you can create the records in the correct format and send them to the punch queue so that SMTP will pick them up and send them out as an email message.

And if that’s too much work, grab a copy of XMITCICS. It is very easy to install, and with it you can just assign values to working storage and link to XMITCICS from your application to send email messages. It also has a convenient batch facility called XMITMAIL.

If you haven’t already done so, check these out and bring 21st century functionality to your CICS applications!

4 responses to “Sending Email from CICS

  1. hello
    we have z/os 1.4 and cics /ts 1.3
    does this version support sending mail from cics.
    i.e does xmitcics exist on this version of cics.
    best wishes
    eng: zeinab salama
    data comm manager

    • The releases of z/OS and CICS/TS you referenced are out of support, but I believe that as long as you have SMTP configured in your z/OS system, you can install and use XMITCICS (it is an open source product, not part of CICS itself).


  2. Steve, XMITCICS is moving to

    The old site address will not be valid after 18 august 2010

    • Thanks, Andy! I’m running a little late responding, but your new address has been duly noted, and the link on my post has been updated.

      Thanks for making such a great little set of programs available!


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