CICS Abends – AEIS

This is my second in a series of brief descriptions of common abends in CICS. If my first posting was any indication, a lot of people will hit this page as they Google AIES in an  attempt to get a quick answer as to what can cause this particular abend.

An AEIS abend will occur when a CICS application attempts some kind of file operation using the CICS API (i.e., an EXEC CICS statement), and the file is not available to CICS, and the application does not have a HANDLE condition coded for NOTOPEN. Why the file is not available – that requires some investigation. Perhaps the file is in use by a batch  job and the file’s share options would not allow CICS to open it, perhaps the file’s definition in CEDA has a typo in the DSNAME field, maybe someone explicitly closed the file. Those are just some possibilities; CICS can’t help with the “why”, but knowing what file is not available will be a big first step in determining what the problem is.

Now for the philosophical part of this … Should you ever get an AEIS abend? I personally think that every application should contain code for NOTOPEN being a possibility and handle that condition without giving the user an ugly abend. But many shops do not  have that as a standard. These days it would be so easy to handle that condition by shooting the help desk and/or CICS tech support area an email to make sure they are aware, and give the end user a friendly message that their request cannot be fulfilled at the time.


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