Free IBM Webcast – CICS Hangs and Slowdowns

IBM is presenting another free web conference this Tuesday at 11 am EDT: CICS Hangs and Slowdowns – How to use a dump to determine the cause. The speaker will be Dan Zachary, and this one looks to be one that anyone in CICS support should not miss. Dan will be showing how to use IPCS to identify the cause of CICS hangs and severe slowdowns. Be sure to grab a copy of the presentation now and attend the presentation (password will be wste21apr) a few minutes early to ensure that you do not miss anything. The US toll-free number to call into will be 888-296-4215; see the webcast web page for complete list of numbers for other countries, as well as all other details.

With IT budgets being tightened, it would certainly make sense to take advantage of any free education opportunities, and IBM has done a great job of making some very useful information available via free webcasts. Don’t forget that past webcasts are generally still available for about a year after the original broadcast date. There are over twenty webcasts specifically on CICS available!

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