While at SHARE, I picked up another new feature available in ISPF in z/OS 1.10 … The SWAPBAR command. This command will build a line at the bottom of your ISPF screen showing all of your split screens. It’s a little like SWAP LIST, except the screens are always available without having to enter that command or hit a PF key to pull up that pop-up window. The screen names on the swapbar are “point-and-shoot” – so you can move your cursor to one of them and hit enter, and boom – you go directly to that screen.

Hint: To best utilize this feature, make sure your 3270 emulator has a mouse button set to “move cursor and enter”. My emulator has the left double-click on the mouse set to do that, so all I have to do to switch to a particular screen is point my mouse at the name of it on my swapbar and double-click.

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