IBM Teleconference – CICS and DB2 Performance

If you have CICS and DB2, be sure to register for the free IBM teleconference Blow the doors off CICS and DB2! It will be held at 11 a.m. EST (4 p.m. GMT) on January 13, 2009. If you cannot attend, you can watch it later (view the teleconference page for details).

This teleconference is being hosted by John Tilling, Senior Software Engineer from Hursley. I have attended many SHARE sessions featuring John, and he is an excellent speaker.

This teleconference appears to be geared towards saving CPU by eliminating TCB switches when DB2 applications are made (and defined) as threadsafe.

Looks like an excellent use of time … Did I mention that it is FREE? With budgets being watched so carefully in these economic times, can you afford NOT to invest an hour or so learning how to make your site better, which will further establish the need for your services?

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