CICS Explorer Webcast

On November 5, IBM presented a webcast on CICS Explorer. It repeated much of the information previously released about the product, but did have some new info.

CICS Explorer is available now as a supportpac (CS1J), as are plugins to support optional CICS products such as Interdependency Analyzer and Performance Analyzer (CS1N) and an SDK (CA1R). It is available at no cost, and IBM pledged that it would remain a no-cost part of CICS in the future. In the question and answer portion of the webcast, IBM hinted that CICS Explorer may be made available for shops that do not run CPSM.

Hopefully the webcast will be available to view soon for those that missed it. In the meantime, IBM has a section of their web site dedicated to CICS Explorer, complete with a list of features, requirements, and a link to where it can be downloaded.

November 10 Update: The webcast can now be viewed by those who missed the original event.

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