Find That Module!

For years, it has been a pain to find what from what library a given load module came from in CICS. We had to go down the list of DFHRPL libraries, one by one (because if you skip one because you “know” it can’t be there, that’s exactly where it will be), and look for the module. If you have a lot of libraries in the DFHRPL, that can take some time (and who doesn’t have a lot of libraries in their DFHRPL?).

If you are running CICS/TS 3.2, you may have already noticed that there is now an easier way. I missed this in the “what’s new” write-ups, but happened to stumble across it. If you do a CEMT INQ PROG, you won’t see anything new. But move the cursor down to one of the entries and hit enter, then page down (PF11), there it is – the library from which the module was loaded!

Runtime( Lenv )
Jvmclass( )
Jvmclass( )
Jvmclass( )
Jvmclass( )
Jvmclass( )
Jvmprofile( )

A big “thank you” to the fine folks at Hursley!


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